#Mamavation Monday – George foreman knockout the fat weight loss update

I’m writing this post from my phone so forgive me if it is short and sweet…

Instead of a recap of last week, I wanted to talk with u a bit about the upcoming gruntstyle workout… I’m not gonna lie- the beginning days, I wanted to die… There were tears… I may or may not have said some unladylike words…but… Then something changed.. Something that I can’t explain, but you suddenly start feeling like you can’t function without it… You start feeling stronger and more powerful. You start feeling more accomplished.

So, as scary as it may seem to you right now, it’s a two week challenge that I hope you’ll join in on.  Anyone can do something for 2 weeks! (I mean come on – Leah even gave up coffee for 2 weeks!) So quiet that inner voice and let’s do this together!

And because it wouldn’t be a post without it, here’s this weeks scale pic:  My Apologies on the borrowed antique style scale but according to the one here in mom’s RV, I’m right at 225 which means that I LOST a LB!

BMI is 35.2.

Vacation continues for me until Thursday, but as you all know, I can’t be without you all so I am checking in constantly – even if I’m not as vocal as usual!

Lost to come on the “goings on” here and even with the little mishap (check my facebook or twitter stream for details if you missed it yesterday) we are all still having a great time.  Today we are off to the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and that is going to be exactly what I need.    Then, tonight we find out who our next Mamavation Moms will be!  you better believe I’ll be there!  WAIT – Have you Voted yet?!?!?! Do it NOW!

That’s all for now, but I’ll see yall tonight at the twitter party!



  1. I hope you’re having a great time on your vacation. I email DH this morning @gruntstyle challenge with tagline “Starting today”. He answered “yes”. So, I guess, We’re IN
    Have an awesome week

  2. Okay, I really wanted to write a comment all about “congrats on the pound!” but really? I’m distracted by your pretty blue toenails. I like shiny things.

    PS: “Unladylike things.” Ba haha ha ha ha!

  3. Have fun today:) Congratulations on losing 1lb!!!! Thank you again for all of your support.

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