Life Lessons – Part 1

Lately I've been avoiding the blinking cursor on a blank page.  Y'all know I go through spells of silence so that's not really new... but lately, I've been seeing life lessons in the strangest of places.. and the thought occurred to me that I could … [Read more...]

Colors everywhere…

So, I'm working on this top secret project with my brother-from-another-mother {BFAM} (and keeping it under wraps until we protect ourselves so no spoilers here but when it is revealed, it's gonna be AWESOME) and it's a LOT of work (you know, because I … [Read more...]

On Fools…

It seemed appropriate that it was raining as I made my way into work this morning. ¬†April Showers and all... Sadly there is a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach that the rest of today will also be accurate and the fools will be … [Read more...]

Saturday Snapshot – March 29, 2014

I'm usually perusing the webisphere at crazy times when I see stuff that makes me smile... Or think... Or just sit for a moment and soak it all in.¬† Usually the people I would send this crap to are asleep or busy or I get dist- oh look! A … [Read more...]

A week in pictures

If you follow me on other social media, some of this might be a recap. Others are just funny shit seen that must be shared. You're welcome. Best. Photobomb. Ever. Well played Monday... Well played. Is this REALLY a common … [Read more...]