FWIWF – The Five Love Languages

One of the coolest things ever is when something or someone just clicks.  Like, out of the blue something is said and it just makes so much sense that you can't hardly stand it. That's kinda how I felt when I started re-listening to the book The Five … [Read more...]

For what it’s worth Friday – Do your Best

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Today is the final agreement from the Four Agreements... We've already talked about the first three - Be Impeccable with your Word, Don't take it Personal, and Don't Make Assumptions.  Today is probably my … [Read more...]

For what it’s worth Friday – Don’t Make Assumptions

Continuing on week three of my discussion around The Four Agreements and this week's made me laugh because the timing was impeccable.  You see, I've already talked about Agreement Number One - Be Impeccable with your word and Agreement Number Two - Don't … [Read more...]

For What it’s Worth Friday – It’s Not Personal

I unofficially started this "series" last week when I talked a bit about a book I'm reading - The Four Agreements. I touched on being impeccable with your word and how important that is - both words to/about others and to/about ourselves... We're our … [Read more...]