{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday – On Swimming

This past weekend was Swim Meet Weekend. Finally went through the 322 pictures taken between the giant and myself and thought a {Mostly} Wordless Wednesday would be the perfect chance. At Swim Meets, there is always a lot of … [Read more...]

{Not Exactly} Wordless Wednesday – Blood Moon and Photog Failures

In case you missed it {although I'm not sure exactly how that was possible unless you've been in a coma until just this very minute in which case I'm curious why MY blog is the first thing you are reading after waking from said coma} there was this little … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – The Faire

  … [Read more...]

Mostly Wordless Wednesday – Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air... most days anyway... and a sure sign of spring in our world is the addition o f baby chicks. What's a sign of spring in your world? … [Read more...]

Mostly wordless Wednesday

This past weekend was amazing. One of the highlights included countless conversations that were not facebookable but were shared with some amazing people. I didn't get much crochet done... And yet, I'm ok with that. It was such a fun weekend, … [Read more...]