7 Tips for Teaching Empathy

It's easy to sit back and be all Judgy McJudgerson at the state of affairs that is our world... It can kinda suck and it's WAY easier to point fingers and lay blame...  And we do. Far too often. {At least I do.} I see it on Facebook ALL. … [Read more...]

Back to Reality

When the Giant moved back in with me it was the perfect time.  My folks were home and willing/able to help me with the whole parenting thing.  I still had a few nights of "me time" so that I could enjoy the company of my friends who help me to … [Read more...]

Teaching Teens about Money

There are many things about raising teenagers I was ill prepared for.  So many that I can't even begin to list them all here...  Partly because I was in denial.  Partly because I was only raising them part of the time and I … [Read more...]

Sleeping in and being a mom

I remember when the boys were little and sleep was a luxury. I remember thinking that someday, the boys would be older and I'd be able to lounge around luxuriously without needing to be up and around or taking care of anyone else. I remember thinking that … [Read more...]

Whirlwinds and M&Ms

This week has been a jumble.  The end of the school year always is what with belt ceremonies for Kick Start, Spring Choir Concerts, swim banquets, etc.  Add into the mix a slew of Dr's appointments for my giant and suddenly, we've had something … [Read more...]