Back to Reality

When the Giant moved back in with me it was the perfect time.  My folks were home and willing/able to help me with the whole parenting thing.  I still had a few nights of “me time” so that I could enjoy the company of my friends who help me to remain sane.  {stop laughing… if you think I’m crazy now, you should see me without my friends around…} 

This past memorial day weekend I was fortunate enough to really soak up time with some very important people which filled my soul in ways I can’t accurately put into words… Coffee, gossip, cribbage, a movie or two… it was bliss.  Even with the tornado warnings surrounding us on Monday.

Then, today rolled around and I was having a hard time jumping into my work week so I did what I do best… I procrastinated.  And put down all the dates that I have to get to wear my mom hat.

Holy shit.

I’m not complaining… HONEST.  But… I think it just sank in that I’ve got a full time teen in my house who is too old for camps, but I’m not ready to leave him home alone just yet… because… reasons. And the parents head up to Colorado this week. And I’m faced with the realization that he may have to spend a few weeks working with me… which I know my boss won’t love but will accept.

I hope.

and it’s just one more way that I’m feeling ill-prepared for this parenting thing… something I talk about in more detail over at BLUNTmoms so go check it out, m’kay?! 

And feel free to share ideas for how to occupy my Giant.  He loves manual labor so if you have projects, he works cheap!






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