Teaching Teens about Money

There are many things about raising teenagers I was ill prepared for.  So many that I can't even begin to list them all here...  Partly because I was in denial.  Partly because I was only raising them part of the time and I … [Read more...]

Blue and Yellow

Lately it seems like this blog has been overrun by tales of the teen... which is appropriate since my LIFE has been overrun with tales from the teen. I'm not complaining... all the time... but this roller coaster has been rough. Change is rarely easy. … [Read more...]


I remember being so stinkin' excited for Halloween as a kid - I mean who DOESN'T love candy?!?! Then when my littles were ... well, little, I was excited all over again as we would dress them up and take them out for trick or treating goodness... One … [Read more...]


Y'all know I'm an UBER proud mama.  I love love love love that I was blessed with some amazeballs kids... I know every mom prolly says that... well, except perhaps Evin over at Food Good Laundry Bad who open states her kids are possessed (I disagree - I … [Read more...]

How do YOU teach financial responsibility to your kids?

One of the roles we mothers play is that of teacher… We teach our kids simple things like tying their shoes, feeding themselves and how to read. We teach our kids harder life lessons like how to deal with mean people, how to have self-respect and … [Read more...]