I’m afraid…

Those who know me in real life might think that I've got my shit together. My friends tell me I'm strong and invincible and can do anything. And for the most part, that's sorta kinda true most of the time. Now anyway. Not so much a few years back when … [Read more...]


We are now just two sleeps away from the Listen to Your Mother shows... and there is no way to truly describe the feelings.  It's part denial, part excitement, a few parts fear... and I keep getting reassured by Kristin and Leigh Ann that the end … [Read more...]

I believe that everything happens for a reason

I believe everything happens for a reason... even if the reasons aren't all that apparent in the moment. They rarely are in fact. Over the last few weeks, my mom and I have shared many tears. Happy tears. Sad tears. Tears of frustration... and for the … [Read more...]

Listen to your Mother and the stories we share

This past weekend I was privileged to take part in the first rehearsal for the upcoming LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Austin show. It was... overwhelming.  As I sat in the room at Book People, on the third floor, away from the patrons, I scanned the … [Read more...]