Shelley | Slightly Off KilterIf you’d like to learn a bit more about the voice behind the curtain…  I’m me.  I make absolutely no apologies for that because I happen to think I’m pretty awesome.

I didn’t always feel that way so to be able to type that and MEAN it is a huge step.

I’m a mom, friend, sister, daughter, employee, student, ex-wife (x2)… as well as a few other hats I wear. I love to create but don’t have the artistic gene so have to find new ways to share my creativity.

I’m a contradiction to most and like it that way… I’m comfortable being a grease monkey or in a ball gown… and everything in between.   I use out-dated words – like “gal” and “wonky” and live in Texas so I say y’all.  A lot.

I’m old fashioned yet independent… Someone who truly appreciates the little things in life… Can slay my own dragons if I had to but am not opposed to Prince Charming sweeping me off my feet.

I can curse like a sailor but not around people who are offended or that I don’t know well.  I know how to be a lady but don’t always want to be.  I have a filter, but here in my little corner of the webiverse, don’t feel like I should use it.

What will you read on my blog?  Well, a little bit of everything!  LOTS of Gratitude – it’s the key to my happiness so I tend to focus on it a lot.  Occassionally you’ll find pseudo-book reviews… but mostly it’s my thoughts on whatever part of the book I’m at in the moment.  I’m crafty so I post my DIY projects here on occasion.  Lately, I’ve taken up quilting so you’re going to see a lot more on that subject.

I am a lover of words and try to write beyond the pages you see here.  I’m also a huge fan of quotes… whether or not I really know who said them. One of my favorites is usually attributed to Marilyn –

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”
― Marilyn Monroe

If you REALLY want to learn more about me, check out my Pinterest Boards or Facebook Page…  it’s more telling than anything else I could say here… 

But mostly, I’m restarting this blog to have a space to just write.  I’m not concerned with sponsored posts any more… not aiming for bloggy noteriety.  I’m not looking to become famous or to quit my day job to blog full time.  There’s ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that if that’s your goal… just not mine.

Something you want to know?  Just Ask.  Brutal honesty is a fault.  You can reach me by email, Facebook, Twitter or fill out my contact form.

Thanks for stopping by my off-beat, random, OFF-KILTER world.  I hope to see you again 🙂