Mexican Breakfast – {Recipe}

I've mentioned many times here that I love love LOVE living at home with my folks.  For many reasons... too many to list here.   One of the things I love though is how much my mom loves to work in the yard.  Mostly because I could … [Read more...]

Eggs Benedict

Did you know that today is National Eggs Benedict day? Cause it totally is. I would have loved to have actually gotten up this morning with enough time to make what might be my most favorite breakfast in the whole wide world... but... yeah, that didn't … [Read more...]

Feed Me {Seymour}

There's been quite the debate in our household.  As you may recall, a few years back, when both my parents retired and started travelling for part/most of the year, they asked that I moved back in with them.   It's a GREAT arrangement to be … [Read more...]

I bet you didn’t know…

A few days ago, I sent a text to my bestie who is far more a foodie than I and asked a simple {I thought} question. Can you store Hollandaise sauce? She didn't know either and I figured, what the hell. I've got a ton of yolks I need to use, so I might … [Read more...]

Spaghetti Squash Casserole

With the parents back from their winter trip to Colorado, and the Giant resuming swim team, we all agreed that healthier meals need to happen.  The weather is warming up and that also lends itself nicely to lighter meals. So I was trying to figure … [Read more...]