I’m still around… just not

For those who stalk me on Facebook, you may have noticed that something is up.  My vaguebooking is at an all time high lately.  I haven't been posting here much... not anything deep and meaningful anyway.  I've been withdrawn, pulling my … [Read more...]

Before we judge…

I wasn't going to post today.  There's a lot of hate out there and it's troubling to me.   There are the riots in Baltimore... and many who are more passionate than I are talking about both sides of the fence. And as a byproduct, there's … [Read more...]

Blue and Yellow

Lately it seems like this blog has been overrun by tales of the teen... which is appropriate since my LIFE has been overrun with tales from the teen. I'm not complaining... all the time... but this roller coaster has been rough. Change is rarely easy. … [Read more...]


When Evin came up with this prompt, I wasn't sure exactly what to write about. There's been a lot of emotions as of late, but few were LMAO-worthy. Leave it to my Mom to help me, unknowingly, with this prompt. Living with three generations under one … [Read more...]

April Showers

April showers bring may flowers… right?  I mean there has to be some good to come out of all the dreariness. Only… I’m not talking about the weather here. I’m talking about the overwhelming feeling of helplessness and hopelessness when you … [Read more...]