Sleeping in and being a mom

I remember when the boys were little and sleep was a luxury. I remember thinking that someday, the boys would be older and I’d be able to lounge around luxuriously without needing to be up and around or taking care of anyone else. I remember thinking that someday the boys would be more self sufficient…

I was wrong. 

Well partly anyway. The boys are more self sufficient now that they are older. But what I failed to take into consideration was all the crap they would be in on the weekends. 

As I sit here waiting for the parade to start where not only my kiddo will be walking, but THE Chuck Norris will be in it too, I’m gabbing with my mom about trivial nothingness to pass the time. 

The part of my car will be in on Tuesday most likely…

Don’t worry about giant’s homework- I’ll help him when I get home…

We should be back in time to go to the movies with y’all…

I still have 45 minutes before the parade starts. 

“Why are you there so early?!?”

“Because it’s important to Mini.”

Because CHUCK NORRIS is gonna be here….


 Because Mini might get to help hold the sign for his school…


Because it’s important…

“You’re too nice. I wouldn’t do that…”

Bullshit. She went to every parade and performance and practice. She was at every early morning drop off and every late night pick up. What was important to me was important to her even if she doesn’t remember. 

“Yes you would. You did. Where do you think I learned it from?”

So many people influence my parenting… Some as examples of the kind of parent I don’t want to be… Some as the kind of parent I am and validate me. Some as the kind of person and parent I strive to become. Some in all three groups depending on the circumstances. 

I’m a great mom. Not perfect but pretty damn great {and humble too} and I like to think it’s because I have a pretty remarkable role model. 

Sleeping in is nice too of course… And there will be plenty of time for that someday. I have those weekends when the boys are at their dad’s… Of course I still wake up early those days out of habit. Sleeping in is nice but seeing my kiddo with his bright blue shoes {that he bought with his own money} and the smile that’s as big as Texas… That’s way better than sleeping in. 



  1. You ARE a great mom. Those are some sweet shoes. And Chuck Norris?! Awesome.

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