Quilting Planner 2023

I love Planners.  Really I love most office supplies ... notebooks, pens. and yes, planners.  I really love both the Erin Condren Planners as well as the Tools 4 Wisdom planners. If you need a planner, do check those out... but they are not a … [Read more...]

The Tilda Embroidery Flower Quilt Part 1

Yes, I titled this "The Tilda Embroidery Flower Quilt - Part One" because this quilt is going to take me a minute... but I'm getting ahead of myself. I've started making a list of the projects and quilts I want to tackle... this year may be a bit … [Read more...]

I made a Quilt

Ok, so in fairness, this was not the first quilt I made.  It's technically my third but it is by far my largest. It was a gift for mom because the first thing she said when I casually mentioned that I had taken up quilting was something along the … [Read more...]

New Year Clean Up – Sewing Space Organization

I do love January.  A new year is a fresh start. A chance to try something new. Let's be honest, after all of the insanity of the last few years, I feel like we could all use a bit of a reboot.   New Year - New Hobby? Towards the end … [Read more...]