Tasty Morsels: Chicken and Veggies in Peanut Sauce

I am NOT a foodie photog.  I can't quite seem to get the picture perfect food shots like Rachel over at Following in My Shoes or Alysa over at InspiredRD.  {Seriously, go check out their amazing sites and images} I'm mostly ok with that... and somewhat … [Read more...]

Random thoughts for a random Monday…

You know how some Mondays you wake up and know it's gonna be an AWESOME day... and then there are those other Mondays when you wake up and wish you could find a reset button? Today is somewhere in between for me. I had a GREAT weekend.  Tons of time … [Read more...]

What’s in your Food? #labelGMOs #yeson37

Do you remember the days back when the cafeteria served what we lovingly referred to as "mystery meat"? The slop "way back then" was indiscernible and I can remember opting to NOT eat rather than eat something I couldn't identify. I think all schools had … [Read more...]

GMOs and what does it mean to me… #mamavation Monday

Hi Guys... Remember me? I know... I know... I have been neglecting you for a while. My bad. But? I'm back and ready to get back to basics and that means posting again and sharing some great stuff with all 3 of you who read this little corner of the … [Read more...]

Healthy Food Friday – a bit of a cheat…

I love Fridays for SOOOOO many reasons, but one of my TOP ones lately is the Healthy Food Friday link up over at Mamavation.  I love seeing the amazing recipes and it's proof that you don't have to sacrifice taste and flavor for healthier eating. A bit … [Read more...]