Be Kind – Monday Mantra

Yes, I’m aware that it is almost February… but over the weekend I was finally able to connect with a dear friend to exchange Christmas Gifts.  Clearly we like to spread the holiday season out.One of the amazingly thoughtful gifts was a set of Listen B*tch Affirmation Cards

At first I laughed and then after removing the shrink wrap and looking through the cards, they really spoke to me.  And, in case anyone else needs to hear these messages, thought I’d share as a weekly reminder of the Badass Bitch that you are.  

As the team over at Listen B*tch reminds us, “Sometimes even the strongest people need some uplifting” and these little nuggets do just that.  Perusing their website, I also discovered that they have an Affirmation Journal if one were so inclined.  {That may be a purchase I make down the road.}

So I started shuffling the deck… accidentally flipping some upside down in the process… and grabbed a card to see what the universe wanted me to know today.

Lo and behold was this gem…

I started to think about how I talk to myself.  And then I thought about how I talk to my friends.  In many cases, it’s the same… but sometimes?  Wow am I mean to me.

How often do we treat others far better than ourselves?  We (I) tend to approach conversations with others carefully, gently, with empathy and compassion.  Don’t we deserve the same?  We (again, I) get offended when others don’t give us that courtesy but why is it ok to say negative, defeating things as part of our inner monologue?

So, if you’re reading this, here’s your reminder to be kind to yourself.  Change the self-talk because words matter. 

For me, I think I’m going to hold this card out of the deck for the week and keep it in front of  my desk since I spend the majority of my day there.  I’m treating it as a reminder to be intentional… and when my inner bitch pokes it’s head out, maybe it will be a reminder to be kind… if only to myself.


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