Year of… Enough

I’ve never been great at making… and keeping resolutions.  Well, making them was never really a problem… it’s that whole “keeping” them part.

But I do love the idea of picking a word and focusing on it.

One word..

I’ve spent the last few weeks really considering this… and for me, 2015 is the year of


I’ve spent far too many years trying to “fix me” or becoming this idea of who I should be… when in reality?  I am Enough.

I know that these next few weeks will be challenging.  The wheels are already in motion for that.  And in those moments when I am feeling weak and vulnerable, I need to remember that I am Strong enough.

There will be moments when I question my abilities… and I need to remember I am Smart Enough.

There will be moments when I am afraid… and I need to remember that I am Brave Enough.

There may be moments when I’m at my wits end… and I’ll need to remember that I am Patient enough.

No matter what unfolds as this new year commences, I challenge myself to always remember I am enough… I have enough… and when I act from love, I am doing enough.

Every year I have always been enough… This is the year I remember.




  1. I Luv it. Yes, your theme word “Enough” is perfect and I hope tons of others decide on this one too. I am taking my sweet ole time deciding what my theme word is and am not stressed at all that 2015 is already here. To me, it’s like naming a baby, you can’t freak if you don’t have one when it arrives, eventually it will come to you. = ) So glad we are tribemates. = )


  2. You are MORE than enough. You are fucking AMAZING.

    But getting to you being enough for you? Well that’s a great idea because it would be nice if you’d catch up to where the rest of us are knowing how good and right and perfectly YOU you are.

    • Thanks Decki. Ive spent far too many years letting the opinions of others color the shades in which i see myself. Not this year.

  3. I like your word!

    It’s hard to simply be “enough’!

  4. First of all, get out of my head. I finished filling out my Leonie Dawson workbook last night and in it I chose my word for this year. And that was my blog plan. Ha!

    And B, yes you are. But I can never get enough of your awesomeness. 😉 Happy new year! May it be, well, awesome!

    • I love when im in your head…. It’s payback for all the times youre in mine. 😉

      Happy New Year Christy!!

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