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Today begins a blogging challenge that I’ve been a little bit excited about. {You may have gathered that from the post earlier this week.} I think I’m excited because I love doing things with Evin over at Food Good Laundry Bad, but also because I’m looking forward to connecting with other “bloggy friends” too. Most of all, the prompts were carefully selected to inspire and my hope is that even those of you who lurk here will enjoy what we come up with. The prompts should enable each of us to learn about each other in a very real way and that always excites me.

So… On with the show.

Rather than a traditional “Introduce yourself” type post, we thought it best to talk about what brings us together… at least some of us.

We write.

Write | Slightly off KilterIn talking with fellow scribblers, I’ve heard many reasons why writers write… Some write for the glory. Some write to spite. Me? I write because it is cheaper than therapy.

No seriously.

I write because I’m a prostitute of emotions…

and if I didn’t get them out somehow… well you think I’m a mess NOW???

I write because I believe in being completely honest… even if only with myself… about what I’m feeling or experiencing in any given moment.

I write for me. I write to analyze where I’ve been and where I’m going. I write to have a record so that when life sucks, I have something to look back on and remember how far I’ve come.

I write for others. I write because maybe there’s someone who will read one of my posts and something will click.

I write because I embrace the power of the carefully selected word.

Words are powerful…They can be used for good or evil. They can reach people in real and profound ways.

I don’t think I’m alone in this, but I find that I express myself most clearly when I take the time to write what I’m really thinking and feeling… even if I end up {hypothetically} reading you the email I didn’t send because there’s no other way to let you in enough to see something real. Without the mask… words allow me to be vulnerable.

Writing has often been a way for me to spew venom without causing harm to others because to keep it locked inside would destroy me. I’ve tried that route. It didn’t work well. But without writing, I’d be more inclined to go for the jugular and that isn’t healthy either. Writing affords me the opportunity to erupt and then to curb it back to normal levels that are more socially acceptable.

Writing is a way to let others know you care and hold them safely in your heart. Written words last longer than spoken ones and are often more treasured. After all, you took the time to put pen to paper which takes effort. In past romantic relationships I often shared that a written note – even a small one – had the capacity to move mountains. Surprise notes are my favorites. That moment when you open the mail and there is a card or note amongst the bills and junk… or tucked away in your suitcase when you get to a destination. Packed in your child’s lunch or waiting by the coffee pot in the morning.

Writing allows me to be vulnerable. I don’t have to see a pained look on your face if I’m sharing something unpleasant and don’t fear the rejection if I’m sharing something deeper. I can tell you what I need to say without pressuring you to reciprocate. You are then free to respond… or not… in your own time… in your own way.

I write in public view – {I mean y’all get most of my writing here and on Facebook and all the other social media venues}. I write in private where I’m free to express myself truly without filters. Those will likely never see the light of day… Evin has clear instructions on how to dispose of those journals {among other things} upon my untimely demise.

I write to create… like a painter with his brush or photographer with her camera, I strive to show you, my readers, beautiful pictures…

I write to heal. Bad shit happens and it doesn’t always make sense. Writing helps to sort it out so that my brain is free to roam to happier times and events.

I write whenever, wherever and on whatever is handy. On my lappy, in one of several journals, on my phone, the desk calendar at work or in rare cases, a cocktail napkin when an idea struck at an inconvenient moment.

I write. I don’t pretend to be the next great author or to save the world. I write to make my own world a little less chaotic and if someone enjoys the words I’ve shared, then that’s a bonus.

Now it’s your turn. Why do you write?

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  1. “Words are powerful…They can be used for good or evil. They can reach people in real and profound ways.” — I couldn’t agree more. I was raised with the belief that words are tangible things that can’t be taken back. Once spoken they exist forever. I love your words. I love you!

    • Absolutely! Did you know…. Your friendship and the other slobs helped me to find my words again. I’m grateful for that.

  2. Something clicked. Reading your post reminded me of the main reason I write, and why I read so much of what other people write, to feel connected. I live inside my head so much that when my daughter was a baby I worried that I didn’t talk to her enough, and that it would delay her speech. That didn’t happen, so it may sound odd that when I live with a tiny chatterbox I could ever feel alone, but I do.

  3. Of course, this morning I think of a better way to sum up my post – “For me, words are air.”

    That’s what I get for blogging before coffee. You, however, obviously didn’t!

  4. “I write because I’m a prostitute of emotions…” I think you have summed up all writers ever! Great challenge, happy to be part of it!

  5. You’re off to a great start! I too write to get the bad out before it attacks someone. Thank God for the ‘do not save’ button! I also agree with commenter Helen who writes to order her thoughts. I’m a huge fan of bulleted lists and check boxes. Writing helps me build those in my head for the really heavy ideas and plans. Looking forward to the rest of the link-up this month!

  6. “Prostitute of emotions”-Bwahaha!!! Yes, writing is definitely cheaper than therapy. =-)

  7. Well done friend! I am excited to get to writing this month!

  8. *mic drop*

  9. Thanks for the inspiration. It’s about time I had some motivation. 🙂

  10. Kat Curling says

    Haha this was a great post. That quote made me giggle. Writing is great for so many reasons. I took am a slave to emotions that I have to express somehow. I doodle and draw with my writing.

    • I have always wanted to be a doodler but there is not an ounce of doodlability in me. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. I thought this was great! Thanks!

  12. You gotta get the poison out!

  13. It’s true, it’s great therapy. It’s not even so much for getting the thoughts and words out so you don’t actually say something you regret. For me, it’s writing it out, getting my thoughts in order, seeing how I actually feel about or think about something. I need the time to step back, write, and then analyze and organize.

  14. I have come to love reading your blog. Whereas I don’t always comment, I definitely find myself saving up “Shelley posts” in my blogreader for when I have a chance to sit back and listen to you. Thank you for needing therapy, because your therapy is some of the best therapy I’m getting right now. 🙂

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