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Welcome. I’m glad you found me. I know I’m several years behind the curve on this blogging thing but just look at my college experience to see that’s normal…

Who am I? I’m a wife, mother, daughter, boss, employee, student… I wear many hats and it would take too much time to fully express them all right here and now

What will you find here? A little bit of everything! My passions include crafting and cooking and photography and of course my family.

My latest endeavor is riding the A-train. I’ve just begun the Atkins diet and I plan to track my progress here. Ill share more about my battles of the bulge in a later post but for now just know that one day at a time is where I’m at.

Perhaps I’ll inspire just one person… Even if that one person is me.

Atkins update:

Day 1- 260 lbs
Goal- 180 lbs

A shot I grabbed on the way home from work:  it seemed a bit appropriate!



  1. I have a blog and I linked it with my name this time. I will warn you that I randomly don’t post for long periods of time. I jsut get distracted. Let’s hope I stick to the diet (and the blog) for now though.

  2. I couldn’t have found you at a better time! I did Atkins about 5 years ago and lost 40 lbs and felt fantastic (and looked it too). I fell off the wagon (majorly) and after 5 years I’ve gained back all the weight. I’m starting over with day 1 tomorrow so it’s great to see someone starting “the journey” We have very similar stats as well and goals. Good luck! Can’t wait to join you.

    • So excited to have a journey buddy. it always works better when you have someone else watching over your shoulder!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

      Do you have a blog here? I’d love to follow your success as well!

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