What’s here?

Here at Slightly Off Kilter, I blog about random crap… but by reading this here blog, I like to think of it as a window to who I am…

Things that Make me Smile - Slightly off KilterI’m a mom… and as such You might find information about raising gentlemen…. bittersweet birthdays as my babies grow into young men… and the joy of their triumphs.  I also get s bit nostalgic when thinking about the things that my kids will never know… important stuff like the Oregon Trail game and commercial breaks.

Even though I’m a mom to boys, I’m still a girl at heart complete with my love of shoes, easy make-up routines and my slight addiction to pretty nailsmakeup 003

I’m a wanna-be foodie…. so occasionally  I’ll share the glorious last minute dinner recipes I sometimes manage to whip up AND blog about… I have a killer post about the dessert I concocted for Dad’s birthday and it’s intense but oh so good so stay tuned for that!

I’m opinionated and you can see some of that when it comes to labeling GMOs…. I don’t care who wants to eat it… I just want to be informed…

How NOT to win at dating - Slightly Off KilterI’m single again which means that sometimes I attempt to play the dating game… although not exactly successfully… which is why Valentine’s day is something I also have an opinion on…

And occasionally, I’ll remind you that you have to take care of yourself… which is really a reminder to me disguised as a PSA for you…

I’m not perfect – I make mistakes – I’m totally ok with that but when I do, I try to apologize with meaning.

I’m surrounded by amazing friendships worth treasuring and count my blessings every day that so many amazing people have entered my world.

And when all else fails, you might even crack a smile with a post about the Zombie Apocalypse   Hey.  It could happen y’all and if it does, I’m prolly screwed.




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