What kind of friend are you to yourself?

Happy Monday!!!

Tonight, on Mamavation TV, we are having a guest that I had the privilege of meeting in person a while back.

You can read more about Joshua Medcalf on your own, but one thing he said to our group at Fitcation was along the lines of think about the things you say to yourself… if you had a friend saying those things, how long would you stay friends with them?

That stuck.  Especially as women, how many of us start the day with a ritual that includes masking our faces with more beauty products than we really need… straightening our curly hair or curling our straight locks… wearing clothes that are “flattering” and avoiding ones that break the “rules” of what is acceptable   How many of us stand in front of the mirror not liking what we see – instead of telling ourselves how beautiful and perfect we are?

I didn’t realize just how much air time I was giving to the negative voices until I read this week’s Mamavation Monday post.  It was a great reminder that I need to get back in the habit of focusing on the positive and silencing the negative instead of the other way around… Why do we lose sight of that?  I suppose it’s like Vivian in Pretty Woman says “The bad stuff is easier to believe”

So, in this short and sweet Monday post, I challenge you to start your day off with 1, 2, 3 or more positive things about yourself as you look in the mirror. There’s enough negativity in the world to keep us humble, build yourself up before you head out to start your day and see the difference that can make.

And, if you are free, join us tonight for Mamavation TV.  When you hear Joshua speak, it just might hit a chord you needed.  Plus, you can win some Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum.  Not hiding anything on your face, just bringing out the beauty you already have 🙂  Now that’s a match made in heaven.

This post is sponsored by Olay and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention &weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway at the bottom of your post.




  1. Wait I’m supposed to be nice to myself?!? Just kidding! Just for you I will say three nice things to myself each morning.

  2. That pesky little voice is horrible, it can make you or break you. Thank you for the reminder that it helps to have a positive voice, especially because its so easy to focus on the outside negative voices.

  3. It is so amazing how much negative stuff we feed ourselves, how we listen to that voice. And how much you change if you just start saying something positive to yourself. Love you challenge here are my three today:

    I do a great job balancing so much
    I have done an amazing job with my weight loss
    I have pretty eyes!

  4. This post resonates with me SO much. I was diagnosed with PPD last December and it’s been a long road to recovery. One of the biggest changes has been moving from a negative mindset to a positive one. It’s so true – we’d never say the things we think about ourselves to someone else, nor would we allow someone to say them to us!

    You’re wonderful!

  5. Love how we all walked away remembering different things from Joshua. You are wonderful and I hope you know that 🙂

  6. Great reminder that is so hard for women to grasp that we just need to love ourselves and quit being so negative… So hard to do though. Love ya

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