Web Gems Wednesday – Jan 18

So, Here’s the Thing… I spend WAAAYYYY too much time perusing the web.  I have several networks of amazing Bloggers  that I stalk follow (and aspire to write like) and you may have missed some of the gems I’ve stumbled upon.

So I thought to myself…

“Self, Why not devote one day each week to the treasures of others?”

and then I thought to myself…

“Self, That is a brilliant idea.”

yes… I have conversations with myself.  Don’t judge.

And thus is born

It’s a small, feeble way to “give back” and share the beauty of others with you.  And things I love.  And things I am moved by.  And things that make you go hmmmm.  Click on the image to be taken to the original source… Don’t worry – it will open in a new tab/window so you can stay here for more awesomeness.

(Children of the 80s feel free to break out into song right about now)

Things that touch my heart:

Brooke's Angels Wings - Touching story and a great cause!

Things that make me go hmmmm…

(you are still singing aren’t you?  You’re welcome)

Plus Model Magazine

'Most runway models meet the BMI criteria for anorexia', claims plus-size magazine in powerful comment on body image in the fashion industry


Things that make me remember

"I am so much more than my body. " ~ Body Restoration Week 1 via @prairiemama


Things that make me laugh

Things that made me think

Silver Ribbons via @aspiringmama


And while we are on the subject of thinking… I’m not ALWAYS online (although it may seem like it and yes, I’m a little too connected) …

Things that I’m reading that AREN’T on the internet

Seriously I love this book.  I started it while on vacation and love every single word.  It sounds cliche but I’m laughing and then crying and then laughing again… if you are a mom… or want to be someday… this book is hilarious.  Robin O’Bryant has an amazing way with words and is so relate-able I feel like if she lived next door we would be the best of friends.

Ok, So now it’s your turn – Did you publish something that is worthy of sharing?  I want to open up a linky for you to include it here.  Don’t forget to leave a comment after you linked up 🙂




  1. I never know if I’ve posted anything worthy of sharing but you’re welcome to look. 🙂

    Great meeting you today! And I love this post in large part because of the model pic which is making me think in LOLcat script: “BENDY WOMAN IZ BENDY.”

  2. thank you for the mention, girlfriend! Love you, too!

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