On Watching People…

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It doesn’t matter where I go, I tend to watch the people.  Human interactions are fascinating to me so whether at the Sherwood Forest Faire weekend before this one or at a coffee shop on my morning commute, I’m often just soaking it all in.  This weekend was no different as I stepped way out of my comfort zone to head downtown with my friend Helen who I’ve decided is way cooler than I am.

She had an extra ticket to the GroupLove concert at Stubb’s this Sunday and since I didn’t have plans already, I thought What the hell.  It’s good to try new things, right?

The show was delightful and the music was good but I spent most of the evening lost in the watching of people.

The group you may have heard before… iPod touch commercial anyone?

The people though…

Funny thing about Austin… especially downtown Austin.  We are truly a melting pot.  Hippies and hipsters… preppy frat boys and sorority gals…. Old and young… Budding romances and love that has stood the test of time.

And children.  At a concert.  Always will surprise me to see kids at concerts but what do I know…

I love watching the interactions between people.  Like the guy who was sitting on the ground in front of us and made us all laugh when he tried with the help of his friend to get up.  He started to chat with Helen and I until someone he hadn’t seen in years showed up and then the rest of the world disappeared as they reunited.  Friendship is always a beautiful thing.

It was a chilly night and the abundance of leggings and boots was interesting… as were the girls who were trying to impress their dates with their coolness and the guy who said to his date “We can leave if you’re bored… I don’t care that much about GroupLove anyway…” Then proceeded to sing along with every song.

I hadn’t realized how big of a “thing” mustaches had become… especially thick 1970’s porn staches…

Between the bands people stand around glancing at their phones to see if there was a new Facebook notification or email or text from someone they hoped to hear from (or maybe that was just me)… and then once the music started people just got lost in it all.  You can’t help but let the music move you… even if just the bouncy sway thing I do.

Music brings people together.  People of all kinds in a common area to hear music without judging each other and just existing is also beautiful and while it’s definitely not my normal scene, I’m glad I went.  I enjoyed the company… and the music… and the people.





  1. So glad you came! Stubbs is definitely always a good place to people watch- you can find pretty much everyone there. I loved the whole East Coast/West Coast music difference in the two bands. It was a palpable difference.

    • Such a notable difference! I had a good time even if my toes were cold 🙂 I’m glad you had an open Plus 1 🙂

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