Vino Treats – Wine Ice Cream – Review

So a while back, I saw this truck in traffic and was curious…

and even wrote about my curiosity

and then it happened… They reached out to me and offered me the exclusive opportunity to sample Vino Treats myself!

Talk about Best work-day ever – Tony even brought it to me at work where a co-worker and I shared in the sampling.

Ok, so I have to admit, I wasn’t sure WHAT to expect… I mean I like the occassional glass of wine… and I like Ice Cream… and honestly neither of those help me to lose the weight I want/need… but I had to check it out.

Here’s the thing… some of the flavors were really REALLY good.
My personal top three favorites include:

Peach White Zinfindel–  It wasn’t too over powering and tasted like a classic favorite – peaches and cream with a slight edge.

 Chocolate Cabernet – Deep rich chocolate flavor with chocolate chunks and again, a subtle edge.

Red Raspberry Chardonnay – Very delicate balance and the raspberries were more prominent than the Chardonnay.. this is a good thing

Some of the flavors were a bit too “Winey” for my liking… specifically the Cherry Merlot.  In fact, I wish I had snapped a pic of my co-worker tasting this one… but I personally like a room temp Merlot so perhaps that is part of the issue.

The Reisling and Port flavors were good, but predictable in my mind – Predictable is not a bad thing.  I mean the Reisling to me tasted exactly like a Reisling should – crisp, clean, refreshing even… and the Port made for a rich, smooth, luxurious treat.

The best part – at least in my mind – is that with all of the flavors I tried, the flavors are so rich and decadent, that a small amount is all that is needed to satisfy my sweet tooth.  This is definitely a TREAT and not something I’m ending every meal with, but when I do want to splurge a bit, a little really does go a long way… and that’s good because with roughly 240+ calories per 1/2 cup serving, I don’t want to live in the gym for a splurge…but after a few bites, my craving is satisfied and I haven’t completely blown my diet.  Moderation people… not denial.

I talked with Tony about where to buy these fantastic varieties of decadent goodness and while it is not widely available yet, they may be soon.  So, if you are here in Texas, like me, and want to experience the heavenly combination of wine and ice cream, make sure to ask for them by name anywhere alcohol is sold – grocery stores, liquor stores, etc.  Tony will be doing his part but every request will help it end up in stores near you.

So, I’m curious – which flavor seems the most appealing to you?


  1. Is there actually alcohol in the ice cream? I’m not sure that any of it sounds appealing…but probably because I’d rather just have the straight up wine.

  2. Yum! I’m having serious ice cream envy over here! You’re a very lucky girl.

    Can’t wait to sample them myself. 🙂

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