Top 10 reasons to read and comment on the Mamavation Monday Posts:

I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons to read and comment on your fellow Sista’s posts – obviously these are JUST MY OPINION and yes, some are selfish, but some are funny!  enjoy!

 (10) Give what you want to get – You know how your face lights up when you get a comment on your blog?  Validation that you aren’t crazy, are doing a good job, or a kick in the pants when you need it is welcomed by EVERYONE…at least everyone I know.

(9) Strengthen the community – What’s the point in all the sharing if no one notices?  By commenting on other people’s posts, you are seeing a glimpse into their life and that is what build communities.

 (8) It’s uplifting – Seriously, When I’m feeling down, all I need for a quick pick-me up is to read about the wonderful and inspirational women in the Sistahood!

(7) Reminders to stay focused – What better way to keep making healthy choices than to read how others are overcoming challenges

(6) Bragging rights – Am I REALLY the only one who likes to brag about the victories?  The more you comment on others, the more you are reminded to brag about your own wins!

(5) Comment Luv – drive traffic to your website by commenting on others.  I had to throw a selfish reason in there for good measure…

(4) Build your relationships – Get to know your fellow Sista’s through commenting.  This give you the opportunity to share how you are similar to your fellow travelers on this journey

(3) Mamavation is like a good bra – We all need support and without comments you can feel like you are all alone.  Be the underwire and support each other

(2) Offer a different opinion – sometimes a new perspective is a wonderful thing – your thoughts, opinions, and experiences MATTER


And the Number 1 Reason to read and put thoughtful comments on everyone’s blogs?!?!



(1) It’s harder to get a slice of chocolate cake when you are reading and commenting!



  1. Love it!!!!

  2. I especially like #3. After 1 day of making the commitment I already feel the love from the Sistahood thanks to comments 🙂

  3. this is great 😀

  4. hahaha! Loved em all, but #1 is definitely my favorite.. it is so true! Keeps us devoted!

  5. AWESOME. . . . I lurrrrrve this. 😉

  6. polkaspotfarm says

    My favorite is #1 of course! hehehe!

  7. Fantastic!! LOVE THIS!! 🙂

  8. You’re so MOTIVATIONAL! When I read your blog, I just wanna pay it forward!! Thanks for writing…. and brightening up MY day! AND, thanks for commenting on my blog, too!! 🙂

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