Time again to Meet your Mamavation Mom Finalists- starting with Rachel

It’s time again to vote for the next Mamavation Mom, but Campaign 10 is ALLLLLL about couples.  So this time, it’s not just the Mom’s involved, Dads are on board too!  So once again, I’ve opened up my blog to the finalists so that you can decide who you want to see as the NEXT Mamavation Mom Couple!  I hope you’ll take some time to get to know the girls and their significant other’s as you decide who is ready to take their journey to a healthy life to the next step.

You may recall meeting Rachel here last July (which seems so far away now) in her last bid to become the next Mamavation Mom.  She wasn’t voted in then, but you know what, that made me really respect her more because she stuck with her commitment to create a healthier life for her and her family and TOTALLY Rocked the MILI challenge and walked away with her head held high, $400 richer, 15 lbs lighter, and 20 inches smaller!  HOLY COW.

Enough from me, Let me have her share 🙂

So it is that time again … Time to get your support tweets ready & cast your votes! I am applying for Mamavation Mom again but this time it is couples who will be picked so Adam & I will be doing it together! Here our application video for those of you who have not seen it yet.

Our Goal: Our personal goal regardless of if we win Mamavation couple or not is to enter our 30’s in the best shape of our lives. We are both currently 26 & want to run our first marathon during the year that we turn 30. So we have a long way to go & there is no better time to start then now!

Get To Know Adam & I 

Adam – I am typical 26 year old husband and father of 3, but over the years my six pack has transformed into an unflattering blob – a blob that has been made up of one part I sit at a desk all day at work, another part not making healthy food choices as much as I should have been and another part giving up on the exercise regime I once followed daily. There is no one to blame but myself, but Rach’s awesome cooking does not help not taking seconds or thirds ….. but as a family we need to change not only how much we eat but also the food we cook for ourselves and our kids.

Rach – I lot 15 pounds & 20” during Move It Lose It and I did it without the tools the Mamavation Moms from campaign #9 had. It took many tears, lots of hard work & determination especially on the days that I felt like giving up but I didn’t give up & I ended up winning first place. $400 is an AMAZING prize & with it I was able to buy a smaller size jacket. Doesn’t sound like a big deal right … well I bought a jacket that I never would have been able to fit into before MILI or Mamavation. With all of that being said though I don’t want my journey to end here. I don’t want to give up .. I want to keep this momentum going & I want to show women everywhere that anyone can do this & can get healthy! Trust me I know the things standing in the way – life is CrAzY busy around here. I have three kids & our youngest is special needs. I know busy, crazy, never get a full night of sleep & need coffee to function, sometimes going to pull your hair out in frustration, could throw a temper tantrum like a two year old days!

I want everyone to know though, you just got to make up your mind to put yourself & your health first. If you go into getting your health back knowing that it is not going to be easy & there are going to be up’s and down’s but you will have to push through it then it makes it much easier to keep on track & going. You may get off track – I should know, it has happened to me many times but I always got back up & got back on.

Look at what I did in 7 weeks.

I did it & so can you! If you need support let me know. I will be here for you! Tweet at me @rachhabs let me know your goals, tell me if you need motivation, or whatever you need! I have a list of Fit Friends now that I tweet at daily with Fit Friend Challenges, so if you want to be added to that list let me know!

The Fun Stuff!

Would you like a Wii EA Active Sports 2? Or maybe a $25 Amazon gift card? Entries are simple!

  • One entry for every vote ~ You can only vote once from a computer, phone, etc. but you can vote as many times as you want from different devices, wifi networks, etc. Let me know you voted & how you voted (what device). Each vote will be counted as an entry.
  • One entry for every tweet you send out supporting Adam (@ahabs55) & I (@rachhabs) tweet out the following message: “Please vote & help @rachhabs & @ahabs55 to become the next #mamavation couple!http://bit.ly/qQB6rl” (25 tweets maximum a day)
  • One entry for every tweet of the following message: “I entered a giveaway from @rachhabs & @ahabs55 for an @easportsactive & #AmazonGiftCard! Find out the details here http://bit.ly/olK21k” (maximum of 25 tweets daily)
  • Share this link on facebook & get additional entries!

Once your tweet is sent out click on the time (in the tweet) and copy the permalink and include that with your message of “tweet # —- & then the permalink)

Sounds pretty simple right?  Just comment for each entry you complete on the comment section of this page! Winner of the EA Sports Active 2 & $25 Amazon gift card will be announced on October 11th!

Don’t Forget to Cast your Vote and then head on over to enter Rachel’s Giveaway – Full details on how you can enter and help Adam and Rachel take this next step can be found over at Rachel’s Blog – Journey to a New and Improved Me.

Also, Stay Tuned as I have the privilege of sharing the stories of the other finalists 🙂



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