Sunday Confessions

A while back I confessed to the fact that I am not Supermom.  I know it was shocking but I’m not… but during that time, I decided to see if anyone else felt the same… like they were trying to put forth this perfect persona, whether in social media or in real life or both, and needed a free place to vent.

and you know what?

Some of you did.  Some of the confessions I got were downright funny.  Some were way toooooo relateable.

As promised, Today I share confessions from some of you fine readers… Names are withheld to protect the brave…

For the past week, I’ve eaten whatever the hell I’ve wanted too. And I am sad and so depressed about it. Chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, Girl Scout cookies, fast food, the evil soda, coffee with creamer more than ever, big, fat Starbucks drinks. *sigh* I am so out of control. No one is stopping me and no one seems to care. That is kind of where I am.

Dooode… I get it.  Been there… still fall in that trap.  BUT!  you’ve got this and you can totally turn things around.  Remember, one bad choice (or like 30… whatever) do NOT define you.  Every moment you can Choose Again!  I’m rooting for you!!!

I exist in a kind of no-man’s land, neither fish nor fowl. I am not enough of a stay at home mom that I can bond with other moms in an easy way, nor am I enough of a writer to get the kind of kudos afforded to others who write full-time, and don’t split their time between school, family, and career.

I hear ya… but why limit yourself to a box or label?  We are all struggling to fit in and yet we are all different… we all struggle but we have different struggles.  If you were to reach out, you might find that you have more in common than you might think.

Sometimes I feel so alone in my marriage that I wonder if we aren’t just rommates.  I’d leave but don’t want to upset the life of my girls.  Is this really all there is?

NO NO NO… a thousand times no.  Let me clarify… I’m not a proponent of Divorce (may seem hypocritical seeing how I’m kind of an expert on the subject but bear with me) I was raised in a family that when things were broken, you fixed them… you don’t just replace them with newer, cheaper crap… Heck!  I drive a beast of a truck with over 200K miles on it.  BUT… when it comes to relationships, sometimes trying to save them is like administering CPR to a corpse… no matter how hard you try, it isn’t going to make a bit of difference.  So, ask yourself… DO you want to rebuild?  Does he?  Are you both willing to put in the effort?  If not, the next question you might want to consider is this… Is this the type of relationship you want to see your daughters in?  Monkey see, Monkey do…

That’s all for today… gotta save a few for next week and see if this becomes a regular occurence.

Want to share YOUR confession, rant, rave, whatever?  GREAT!


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