OOH Shiny…

It’s a long running joke amongst my friends that we can’t turn our nose up at shiny things… Or maybe it’s just me… Regardless, it makes sense to me that going out to see the Christmas Lights is a tradition I love.  But… It’s not one I share with the boys.

Don’t get me wrong – they do LOVE LOVE LOVE making fun of houses that – and I quote – “had Christmas throw up in their yard about 10 times” (hence the image above) but to spend an evening just driving around and seeing all the neighborhood displays is something that would hold their attention for about 10 minutes… if I’m lucky.

It’s a tradition I shared with my ex husband and we would drive all over to see the displays.  It’s a tradition I skipped entirely last year – not strong enough to venture out alone.  It’s a tradition I am resurrecting this year.  Alone.  Oh, I know I have friends who would gladly venture out with me, but just like so many of the milestones I’ve hit over the last year, this is one I am ready to tackle… if for no other reason than to be alone with my thoughts and memories of Christmas Past, hopes for Christmas Future and relishing the most in Christmas Present.

Lucky for me, I don’t have to grab a map and head out blindly…

I’m totally using the amazing list from Becca over at R We There Yet Mom? who painstakingly not only put together a list of the BEST Holiday Lights in Austin, but also lists for Dallas, Houston and San Antonio residents as well!  She’s Amazeballs.

I also love that her “Austin” list travels as far north as Georgetown because that’s where I’m starting.  Most likely, I will avoid the commercial displays like the Tree of Lights in Zilker Park and the Lakeway trail of lights, although, I’ve never seen the display at Mozart’s  Coffee shop so that might be worth the trek… I will stick with the amazing displays from homeowners and neighborhoods and Becca’s list includes them too.

If you are in or near these Texas metro areas, I HIGHLY encourage you to check out the lists and perhaps discover a new Christmas Display that awakens your inner sparkle.  Go check out the complete list of Austin Holiday Light displays and make a plan to share the beauty with your family.  It’s one way to ensure that you don’t get so wrapped up in the commercialization that you forget to breath and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us every day… OH!  and just because it’s not something I’m taking MY kids to do, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take yours.  We’re a little off ya know…

If you do, won’t you come back and tell me which was YOUR favorite?  I want to hear from you 🙂

HUGE thank you Becca – you saved me a TON of time… and Gas… neither of which are in huge supply these days.

Side note – this is not a sponsored post in any way shape or form.  Just a fan sharing the awesomeness.  You should TOTALLY go “like” R We There Yet Mom? on Facebook too.  After all, her hard work should be rewarded.



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