My word of the month is….

I’ve managed to start the new year off with a bit of car repair for the beast. After being stranded last night with battery issues, and needing to go back to work tomorrow, I opted to skip a luncheon I’ve been looking forward to for WEEKS so I could get the beast working. (Ok, so it wasn’t REALLY an option since the truck wasn’t working but whateves.)

First order of business was to replace a very obviously frayed belt. I was hopeful that would be it and magically the battery would charge and MAYBE I’d even make it to the luncheon after all. No such luck.

Next up, took the truck to have the alternator tested. It came back with extremely low output and was under warranty so snagged the new one and headed back home. Once I started to disassemble all the crap in the way, it became all TOO obvious why I was having battery issues…


Why am I sharing this? Perspective.

Someone somewhere wrote about having a word of the year. I kinda loved that idea. But then I realized two things… (1) my ADHD needs more variety. And (2) there are too many awesome words to choose from. I don’t want to limit myself to one word for a whole year.

That is why I am going to focus on a word of the month instead. And my January WOM is PerspectivePerspective.

You see, could look at everything that happened new years eve and day negatively. Or I could keep it in perspective. I was able to fix everything that was wrong and was able to be reminded of how my friends will go out of their way when they are needed.

As I was covered in grease and climbing all over the beast, (love that it has a cattle guard thing on the front btw. It makes a great step stool for car repairs) I had another thought. This whole situation could very well be symbolic of the fact that I am capable of fixing whatever breaks in my life… And when I can’t, I have friends I can call on.


Do you choose a word to focus on for the year? If you could sum up 2012 in one word, what would it be?


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