#Mamavation Monday – Focus where are you….

It’s Monday.  I actually REALLY like Mondays because it’s always a chance to start fresh.  I was really stuck what to write for this week’s Mamavation Monday post, but wanted to share with you something…

This week’s question –

How does your family support your weight loss efforts?

kinda left me without inspiration… My kids are all over eating healthy and are the ones who most inspire my fitness… I’m lucky.  I know.

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Deep Cleaning - So happy I don't have to create this list myself!!

But then I got to thinking about other areas of my life that may not be AS healthy as they could be… and then I stumbled over to Pinterest… because THAT’S what I should be doing at work… and I saw this pin…

and I started thinking that my house is also not in the shape I want it to be… and I want to change that.  So, I’m straying from my typical healthy food, fitness, weightloss topics usually reserved for monday posts and letting you in on the MOTHER OF ALL PROJECTS…

And speaking of mothers… Mine always says:

Ok, So Mom says a LOT of things and I listen… really I do… but I don’t always put her wisdom into action…

I’m a bit of a pack rat… Ok, so don’t call up the producers of Hoarders just yet… I’m not that bad… but I do have a LOT of junk in my house that (a) I don’t need… (b) I wouldn’t be able to find when I DO need it… and (c) is overwhelming.

So I looked at the calendar… I have 12 days till 2012… ok, more than that, but I leave the day after Christmas and I want to be completely done with this project before the 23rd, so that means that while most of you have more than this, I only have 12 days until 2012 to knock out a complete house cleaning and reorganization.


So, I thought I’d share with you all how I plan to accomplish this MASSIVE (and really it IS massive) task… you know in all of my free time when I’m not working or attending Band concerts, belt ceremonies, etc…

Ok, I AM kinda freaking out a bit… but I have tried to organize the tasks in small-ish chunks so as to minimize the amount of overwhelming-ness.  I’ve also scheduled the BIG DADDY project for the weekend when I have more time… For a complete list of my organizing and spring cleaning in winter agenda, check out the supplemental post here.

What about you?  Are you setting up anything for 2012 so that you can have the year you deserve?  Do you have any routines that you do as the year draws to a close?

I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women



  1. I go through the same thing every year. I am a bit type “a” and really organized, but with kids that has gone out the window. Every once in a while I hit the roof and I demolish in a matter of hours. Good luck with your endeavors.

  2. Cleaning deadline for me is Thursday, MIL is flying in.

    Organization seems to be a work in progress. I have yet to find a method that works in our household consistently.

    I bow down to you for tackling it all in 12 days! Best of luck 🙂

    • Nothing like a scheduled family visit to light a fire eh? My mom has become more and more prone to unannounced visits… when I’m not even home…

  3. Oh good. I thought this month was blowing by quicker than I planned. Hope the trip is fun.

  4. Oh gads! Only 12 days left to get my house in order…way to make me realize. I’m heading over to your pinning next to see what you found, haha. I agree I feel like crap about having to live amongst my stuff. Life and fitness are easier when there if order. Hugs

  5. I’m trying to set up for the 2012 I deserve… and I completely agree with the saying from your mother. My house is a mess, and I’ve kind of made it a resolution to get things in order this year too.

    It always amazes me how much the “disorder” translates in my life – and then runs over into everything. For example, if I’m feeling good about me, my house quickly gets cleaned up, my finances are in order and my weight loss is going swimmingly. If not, then all of it goes to hell in a handbasket (so to speak.)

    Now is the time to work on us. We are worth it.

  6. Good for you. Clean it and organize things how you want them.

    I keep putting off a big cleaning. For Spring I was hoping to schedule a month… with a room each day (or two) and then to set up a cleaning schedule. Yes, I am a list and schedule freak! I have always been intrigued by the room a day idea. Just work on one room a day + the usual laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. Our house is just too big for me to keep under control and add in two sticky, slimy-fingered toddlers and I live in chaos. 🙂

    Have a great week.

    • My theory is that if I start the year clean and organized, perhaps it will make it easier to stay motivated to keep it that way 🙂

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