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Hello Again Faithful Readers!  Time for another introduction to a finalist in Campaign 8 for Mamavation Mom!  This one is definitely a firecracker – or maybe it’s just the red hair – and while she hasn’t been with the sisterhood for too long, she’s been around long enough to make an impression!  Allow me to introduce Mia Cupcake!

I’m Mia Cupcake, one of the ladies running for Mamavation Mom. I am beyond flattered that I was chosen as a finalist because I’ve never been a finalist for anything as far as I can remember. It’s pretty awesome, and I’m in very very good company!

Who am I?

  • Well, I am a fiancé to a terrific guy we like to call Chef. (He’s actually a classically-trained French chef, so I’m pretty spoiled.)
  • I am a mom to two of the greatest kids ever to exist….Short Stack (a boy, he’s 11 and smarter than most 11 year olds I’ve ever heard of) and Chuck (a girl, 17 months old and running me ragged. Happy, but ragged.)
  • I am a roller derby official. This means I blow whistles at roller derby girls and occasionally get to yell at them. It’s pretty terrific.
  • I am a badass and a cancer fighter. And a survivor. I was declared “cancer free” in February, and I’m pretty stoked about that. It sounds cliche, but it honestly gave me a kick in the butt to turn my life around.
  • I am pretty big trouble. I am one of those girls that pulls on the patch on the water-bed because she thinks it’s a piece of paper stuck to the mattress. I’m the girl who will get up there and feed the wild animals when nobody else will because they’re too scared. I’m the girl who will step in for you when someone tries to pick on you in a bar. I’m not afraid of much.
  • But the idea that I could be so sick that I can’t take care of my kids, or be unable to spend time with my fiancé because I’m bedridden or be so fat that I can’t keep up with my friends….that terrifies me. And I was on a slippery slope right into SUPER obesity until recently.
  • I found Mamavation one day, looking for something else, and I joined up. Why not? Sounds like an interesting concept. Then I made some friends. And they encouraged me to make changes in my life to better my health.
  • So I quit smoking. And then I quit eating fast food every other day. And then I quit drinking soda. And small change by small change, I lost 16 pounds in a month. And I feel better than I have in a long time.

Why do I want to be a Mamavation Mom?

  • I like being able to get up off the couch. I’ve stopped caring about stupid reality television and started caring about my own reality. I play with my daughter more. I can run (a bit…still working on that!) with my son and play soccer and not be too tired.
  • I want to set other people on fire. Not like that….but I want to stand up and say “Look at me, I’m on this path to be a healthier me. I can do it. YOU can do it too. You really should do it now. RIGHT NOW.” I want to inspire them to make changes in their lives so they can be there for their kids. Or their friends. Or their husband/wife/partner.
  • I want to be a good example. I want to hear more stories like my friend who grabbed me the other day and said “Man, I am so proud of what you’ve been doing lately. And I’ve started running so I can run that 5k with you in May.” I want to create opportunities for people to HAVE those stories to tell their kids.
  • I want to end the obesity cycle in my family and live a healthier lifestyle.
  • I want to be able to wear jeans again! (That’s my super selfish reason) 🙂

Thanks for reading, and please vote for me for Mamavation Mom! (I’m also having a “VOTE FOR ME” contest at my blog, Bruises in the Frosting)

Don’t forget to enter in Mia Cupcake’s giveaway over at her blog “Bruises in the Frosting“! You could win a $25 Amazon Gift Card OR a phenomenal Baker’s Basket!

In case you missed it, Yesterday I introduced you to Lena and Tomorrow will be another FANTASTIC finalist!

I hope you’ll join me in supporting the finalists as this week can often be wrought with stress and anxiety!  Be sure to VOTE HERE for the one you think is most inspiring!



  1. Sometimes it’s the girls who are new to mamavation that work the hardest. Shelley was once a newbie-turned mamavation mom as well. Both of you have dedication that just blows me away. Love you guys!

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