Fall is just around the corner

Fall is right around the corner… at least that’s what they say. I’ve overheard the marching band practices that tell me that football season is upon us and we just had our first cool front of the season blow in – the temperatures dropped to a chilling 95 degrees!  Another “Fall” staple here is the annual State Fair of Texas and with it the list of the Big Tex Choice Awards where food vendors vie for Best Taste & Most Creative… it’s a heart attack waiting to happen – or so I’ve heard.

I’ve never actually made it to the fair and am hoping that next year we will make a weekend out of it, but for now, I think its best I stay away as I don’t see a single item on this year’s list that is Atkins friendly.  Even still, its fun to see what these fine people come up with… creativity in any form always amazes me J

Direct from the State Fair of Texas’s Website – www.bigtex.com/sft here are the finalists for this year:

1)  Deep Fried S’mores Pop Tart
2)  Deep Fried Frozen Margarita
3)  Fernie’s Fried Club Salad
4)  Fried Beer
5)  Fried Chocolate
6)  Fried Lemonade
7)  Texas Fried Caviar
8)  Texas Fried Frito Pie

For those of you unfamiliar, previous submissions include such fare (fair?!) as:

Chicken Fried Bacon, Fried Banana Split, Fried Twinkies, Fried Snickers Bars, Texas Fried Cookie dough, Fried peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwich, Deep Fried Peaches and cream, Fried Coke…
And even Fried Butter…

Yep – I said Fried Butter….

Pretty crazy.  For me though, I’m about to dive into my lunch which is not fried and contains no butter.  Salmon/Egg Salad is on the agenda for today’s lunch.  I’m not letting a little salmonella scare me away from my favorite protein rich staple.  I’ve also newly discovered how yummy celery and green onion  are when mixed with a can of salmon and a couple of hard-ish boiled eggs with a little olive oil mayo.  What’s “hardish” boiled eggs?  It’s that spot between hard boiled with the flaky, almost chalky yolk and soft boiled where the yolk escapes before you can catch it.  The yolks are slightly hardened but still have enough moisture to keep them from being … well, chalky!

I attribute my history of weight issue with my love for food.  I love cooking it, tasting it, experimenting with it… no wonder it’s difficult to break the cycle.  Luckily, with Atkins, I can eat really YUMMY food and I get to be mad scientist in the kitchen figuring out what to make for lunch & dinner without carbs so that helps.  I’m also learning quite a bit about moderation.  Even still, the Food Network is constantly playing at my house on the TV… a friend calls it porn for dieters!  I’ll take it.

Day 1- 260 lbs
Goal- 180 lbs
Day 2- 253.5 lbs
6.5 lbs lost!



  1. So funny you talked about the fair! Oh my gosh FRIED MARGARITAS?? I’d almost have to see that to believe it… I mean, I’ve heard of fried ice cream, but geez… wow! Only in Texas, huh?! 🙂

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