Colors everywhere…

So, I’m working on this top secret project with my brother-from-another-mother {BFAM} (and keeping it under wraps until we protect ourselves so no spoilers here but when it is revealed, it’s gonna be AWESOME) and it’s a LOT of work (you know, because I don’t have enough plates I’m spinning…) but it is also really exciting.

One of the first things we’ve been working on is the logo. Because that shit’s important y’all. We had this crazy idea and needed it to come to life… and by “we’ve been working” I really mean we’ve hired someone who is far more artistically talented than BFAM and I combined. In fact, she took what were extremely juvenile sketches of half baked ideas and made them into something real… So, in case you are looking for talent, You should TOTES check out Freshly Cut Design.

Funny-ish story… I hadn’t really looked much at her website. {Sorry Stephanie} She was a referral from BFAM and that was good enough for me. but now that I’ve seen her work, her website tagline TOTALLY fits – “Where we take you from an “idea” to an “identity.”

But, while I will be singing her praises far and wide as we get closer and closer to our idea being presented for human consumption, that’s not really the reason for this post…

As part of the design process, she presented us with 4 different shades of blue. BFAM is color blind and therefore NO HELP AT ALL…. his wife, Bestie, and I came to an agreement but were still torn between two colors.


So of COURSE I went out to the Book of face to get y’all’s input! Because I trust y’all. And the responses were… interesting.

Even without knowing what it was for, so many of you provided us with enough info to actually make a decision! It got me thinking about how color can evoke a memory or feeling… some saw the Carribean in option A or listed it as a happy color… some reported that option B felt “colder”.

I wonder if it’s true of other colors as well… colors that are just slightly different in hue…

Call me curious but I really do want to know your thoughts on this. Do you have any gut reaction to any of these colors? Any feeling or emotion evoked? I’ll likely repost again with the responses if there are any… along with my thoughts on the same… so don’t leave me hanging…




Do any specific colors have meaning for you?

Today also kicks off NaNoWriMo.

Deep breath. This is the year I’m going to actually finish my book. And you are TOTALLY gonna want to read it when it’s done. Hmmm… Maybe I’ll have to crowd source color choices and enlist the talented Stephanie to design the cover when it’s finished… but now I’m just getting ahead of myself.



  1. Shelly… you are so very awesome! Thank you from the bottom of my tainted, corrupt heart for the shout out! 🙂

    Color definitely influences thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. I’m kind-of an info-graphic junky. Here’s some good ones on color…

    It’s fascinating how much color can effect mood!

    And as for your project with BFAM… It has been so much freaking FUN to do! I couldn’t have asked for better clients! *mwah*

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