Patchwork Tote cures the heat

So my oldest son had these shorts he LOVES but they were looking ROUGH… so, like a good mom, I pulled out my sewing machine and went to work fixing them. Since it was still out from Thursday and it was HOT outside and made me feel like being indoors, I started feeling a bit crafty.

I LOVE making things and everything I do is self-taught so it’s far from perfect, but I love the idea of creating new stuff or decorating old stuff. I have this insane collection of scrap fabric

scraps and pieces

So I decided to do something creative.  I took bits and pieces and sewed them together in a patchwork style until I had a really large piece of fabric to work with.

all one piece now

then I took a solid color of fabric (boring white but it works) and lined the inside

inside out

once I stitched it all the way around, flipped it inside out, hemmed the top raw edges, added some straps and trim – Wa La!  I now have a totally unique and totally “me” tote bag:


It turned out awesome and I feel very productive in a slacker kinda way :)  – perfect Saturday project.

With me in school, I HATE to carry a backpack so this works out perfect!  once school is out, it’s perfect for toting whatever else – other sewing projects, pool stuff, whatever!  can you tell I’m pretty impressed with myself?

Anyway, nothing new on the diet front – still same weight so at least I’m not gaining!  No complaints and lots of energy still.

Day 1- 260 lbs
Goal- 180 lbs
Day 4- 253.5 lbs
6.5 lbs lost!



  1. The tote is adorable. I would love a crafty one like that but I can’t sew to save my life. Glad to see the heat didn’t effect your creativity. 🙂

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