Top 10 Tuesday – Klout Topics

I don’t know if you are familiar with Klout, but for the sake of argument, I will assume that you are.  It is presumed to be a measure of your internet/ social media influence and on principle, I get it… however, there is a bit of a love/ hate relationship with some of the things that Klout determines people are influential in.  Most of the time, the topics listed make utter and complete sense.  Leah, (@bookieboo) is most definitely influential in topics of health, fitness, and the gym.  Lori (@gutimom) is absolutely influential in Twilight (after all, she is the reason why I now am the proud owner of ALL of the books and movies in the series). The Bloggess (@thebloggess) is positively influential in humor because seriously folks – laugh out loud funny stuff… I could go on and on but you get the idea.  MOST of the time, Klout hits the nail on the head… but sometimes I’m left wondering WTH…

So, I decided to compile a list of the top 10 most RANDOM Klout Topics – Side Note – theses are NOT the topics that Klout has deemed me influential in – Mine are pretty boring – These are gathered from extensive research… and by research I mean asking you fine folks on twitter and spending way to much time web surfing.

(and how exactly do you RANK randomness?  exactly… these are in no particular order)

10.) Lambs – this from people who do not own, raise, or talk about lambs….

9.) Constipation – even if you were influential, would you REALLY want to promote this?

8.) Yer – Ok… WHAT is this even?  Is this some sort of private inside joke or should I believe the Urban Dictionary definition? I’m confused

7.) Australia – from someone who has never BEEN to Australia (by her own admission – random)

6.) Parking – totally random…

5.) Unicorns – can you really be influential in something that doesn’t exist?  Or do they and I’m just not “in the know”?

4.) Octopus – now, I BELIEVE this is an inside joke… which honestly makes it even funnier…

3.) Cheerios – (really any one specific food) what about all the other breakfast cereals?

2.) Television – Random because I don’t even think this person OWNS a television…

1.) Duct Tape  – ’nuff said


So there’s my list of the top 10 random Klout Topics…. I’m curious – what has Klout said YOU are influential in that caught you off guard?  Share in the comments below 🙂


In case you hadn’t heard, Leah, (@bookieboo) has released her Top 50 Inspirational Healthy Tweeps list but needs YOU to vote on the order.  I’d be honored with your vote but whether you vote for me or the other 49 Tweeps on the list, PLEASE VOTE. Thanks 🙂




  1. I am now officially influential in homework and batteries. I blame Gena.

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