10 Things to Pack When Traveling

Top 10 Things to pack when flying - Slightly Off KilterMy dear friend – Amanda – the beautiful and talented author of Sadie: The Papercrown Princess, leaves tomorrow for India.  You can read more about her mission and all but I was also trying to think of things I could send with her to make the treacherous flight more manageable…

For full disclosure, the last time I was on a long ass flight like she’s about to take I was like 12.  And honestly, even though I should, I don’t remember much… so I’m guessing here… but these are things I think she should pack… And since I believe she hasn’t REALLY finished packing… even though she leaves tomorrow… this list might come in handy.

(1)  Wisps.  My friend Lori over at MyKinda Rain introduced these to me a while back and I can NOT travel without them. AT ALL.  They are such a time saver and your neighboring flight passengers will be thankful too… because bad breath is the gift that keeps on giving… but not in a good way.

(2) Baby Wipes. Even if you are traveling alone… ok especially if you are travelling alone.  They are great for quick clean up if you accidentally spill something on your hands… or lap… or whatever.  Also great for freshening up after a nap. Can’t hurt to include a few of the Shout Wipes while you are at it… just in case you DO spill on yourself… (and if we are talking about me, it’s a when… not an if)

(3) Snacks.  Most people tend to forget that you can pack snacks in your carry on.  I’m not saying that airplace food isn’t wonderful… ok, it’s probably not the best out there, so why not be prepared? Also not a bad idea to have an empty Water Bottle handy you can fill up in the airport after you pass through security.

(4) A multi-plug.  This is less about the plane and more about the airport… you are looking for a place to charge your devices and all of the plugs are taken… so you can scour the area for another plug and cross your fingers… OR you can have one of these…

So that you can go up to the (good looking and not wearing a wedding ring) gentleman already using the outlet in question and offer to plug in so you can both use the outlet.  Your device gets charged AND it’s an immediate icebreaker…

(5) Moisturizer – Something about airplanes dries your skin out something fierce!  a little extra lotion can go a LONG way for sure. Chapstick ALSO fits in this category.

(6) A Trashy Romance Novel – the trashier and cheesier the better. Just don’t whip that out when flirting with the cute guy mentioned in number 4.  Just sayin…

(7) Generic Ball Point Pens… Nothing nice that might explode, but this was a tip I heard from a well traveled friend of mine… invariably, there will be customs forms to fill out… and invariably there will be a lack of working pens available.  It’s Murphy’s Law and you just don’t screw around with Murphy’s Law.

(8) A Blank Notebook – You never know when an UBER brilliant idea is going to hit you so you better be prepared to write it down.  On a 15 hour flight, you are bound to have a few…

(9) Ibuprofin, Band aids, etc.  A small first aid kit is uber important just in case…

(10) Emergen-C – let’s face it, you’ve been packing and possibly stressing for DAYS. Your immune system is already kinda shot.  Then you are going to board a plane and for the next 15 hours breath only recycled air… let’s boost our immune systems as much as possible.  This is not a sponsored post … I’m just a BIG believer in the stuff.

Alright you world travellers… What else did I forget?  Let me know quick so I can get it for her 🙂



  1. Its probably too late, but I’ll add this for future reference. Sleep eye mask. Makes it easier to sleep. Oh, and a neck pillow.

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