the power of your mind…

Have you ever noticed that when you are told you can’t have/say/do something, you have an overwhelming URGE to have/say/do that very thing?  Even if it’s not something your normally would feel?

That’s where I am with Caffeine right now.  As part of the Mamavation Mom Reign, we are blessed with the brilliance of Cynthia Pasquella as she molds our dietary lifestyle like Michelangelo with a block of stone.  That’s right folks, we (Rachel and I) are her “Statues of David.”

We haven’t dug into the nutrition aspect of things yet – right now I think she’s just getting an idea of how dense the block of marble is before she starts chiseling away, but she has requested that as of TODAY – Thursday Oct  21, 2010 – we omit Caffeine, Sugar and processed foods from our diet.

When I read those words on Tuesday morning, I though no problem… After all, I stopped drinking coffee the same time as I stopped drinking Coke Zero.  As such, I’ve been pretty good about omitting sugar as well… there are the occasional times when I’ve indulged in some sherbet (hello – sore throat) or 2 oz of dark chocolate… the occasional bite of chocolate cake, but SERIOUSLY – if you saw how I was BEFORE Mamavation, you’d agree that I’ve made great strides.  Processed foods I think I’m going to be ok with – especially after my morning pep talk with my Mamavation Mom Mentor – Lisa.  (Thanks again BTW)

Then today I REALLY started to think about it…All of a sudden it was like my brain was flashing a large neon sign with the word CAFFEINE over and over again! I started to think about the occasional coffee I will pick up at Starbucks – and when I say occasional, I mean like 1 time in the last 2 months.  I start thinking about how I love a nice cup of hot tea, especially in the afternoon.  I started to think about the fact that Chocolate has caffeine AND sugar…uh oh… talk about mental destruction!

Then I read this article by my friend and huge part of my support system Steph and it’s all about mental toughness and self-love and it got me thinking…I don’t NEED any of that (um… the caffeine, sugar & science experiments – I don’t need that! The mental toughness, self-love – that’s the stuff I need)

And then I remembered my good friend Red Tea… (Also known as South African Rooibos)  All the benefits of Green tea and NATURALLY CAFFEINE FREE.  So I can still have my afternoon tea (you’d think I’m English wouldn’t you?!) It’s not about DEPRIVATION – It’s about choices…and getting over mental hurdles.  I’m looking forward to learning more on this journey to health



  1. tlpunlimited says

    Oh I’m so behind on reading these wonderful posts. You Mrs. Shelley are an inspiration to me! I did how you and Rachel are kicking butt and being a huge support to all of us!

    Heading now to read Stephs article you mentioned. I skimmed it and am loving it too!

  2. Great piece – choices…. Indeed it gives so much of the power of this path back to us. I’ve really enjoyed your sharing your story and journey with us. MWAH!

  3. wow i don’t think i could go without my lattes , sure i only get them once a week but i enjoy them good for you with such strong willpower

  4. Ask Cynthia if you can have herbal tea to fill that craving. I love herbal teas esp fruity ones that give me some sweetness and fill that tea craving. And they are good hot or cold, if you are an iced tea person. I love it hot though. 🙂

    I definitely agree that it is a mental thing, feeling like you absolutely CAN’T have it when you know that when you could you didn’t really anyway. You can fight this urge and you will see why she set your plans the way she has.

  5. LOVE this… and totally think YOu are amazing!! Steph’s post came at the PERFECT time for me too! Amazing what our body/brain wants when we say we can’t have it. LOL

    Pete told me this a few weeks ago when I chatted with him, “Try not to think of it as you are ‘giving up something’. Think of it as you are ‘gaining something’ [better health, longer life, slimmer self, etc]”

    xoxo Rach

  6. I totally understand your urges!! Last year I gave up sodas for Lent and it was so hard to restrain myself. But I felt all the more better afterword for my “sacrifice.” So much that I didn’t drink sodas for a while after that. This year I thought I’d do sodas AND sugar. I soon realized the only thing I could drink was water… Which is obviously good for me, but still. I found that several foods that I had no idea had sugar in it–the wheat bread I love. But, like you said it is way more rewarding to know your accomplishments thru self control. Good job girl-and good luck!! Maybe I’ll start doing that too!

  7. “It’s not about DEPRIVATION – It’s about choices” Seriously, never has a more accurate statement EVER been made.

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