The moving edition…

Holy Crow this day has FLOWN by and I’m seriously spinning out of control… I mean, I’m still focused on moving and eating right as much as humanly possible but then there’s this little thing called FITCATION coming up and HOLY CROW I’m excited…

moving by haydnseek Plus, I’m moving.

yeah… ironically I had said about a month ago that I loved my house and never planned on moving… and I still love my house, but moving is the smart move.  Reducing expenses so I can focus on some other things in my life that I’ve been neglecting (like getting a car with AIR CONDITIONING FOR ONE!!!)… anyway, the move isn’t far but it’s still an overwhelming undertaking… especially since I have 128 pieces of crystal alone that has to be individually wrapped and protected…  (and no, I will NOT get rid of them – many were handed down in my family and have sentimental value.)  Originally, I thought I’d move in September or October… giving me PLENTY of time to prepare for the move… except, that when it comes to real estate, it’s not JUST about location… it’s also about timing so if I can pull my shit together and move before school starts, I will have a much greater likelyhood of renting my house quickly.  So, here goes nothing.

The upside is that when you are faced with a move, it’s an opportunity to get rid of the crap that weighs you down… and it is amazing just how much stuff can do that.  I’ve been wanting to clear the clutter for a while now anyway… this is an ideal time to do so.  Mostly because I have to REALLY REALLY love something for it to sit in storage for a year… or more.

The funny thing that hit me though is that our minds can get like that too.  Ideas and thoughts that we’ve carried around for years just because at one point in time we believed them to be true.  I wonder how many of those thoughts would find their way to the trash if I had to choose which thoughts I had room for and which ones had to go.

Also?  As if symbolically, the scale and I are friends again as the little arrow is again moving in the right direction.  2 lbs this week made for a big ol grin this morning. 

Staying on track during stressful transitions is always a challenge.  I know I can do this, but what are YOUR tips for keeping your head on straight when you have a million things to do?

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  1. Good luck with the move & keep up the great work!

  2. Good luck with the move!! I think it’s a good decision for you and your family. You definitely rock!!!!

  3. Yay for a new chapter starting! Moving can be so awesome and almost relieving once it is all done! We are hoping to move in about 8 months and whereas Im sad to leave the home we brought my child home from the hospital to…I am excited for NEWNESS! 🙂 Yay for the scale being nice…but you made it that way..persevere got it! 🙂 <3

  4. Lots going on for you! Congrats on the loss, and good job on the purging of those things we just don’t need anymore!

  5. Best wishes during this transition. There is a lot to take in as we leave our place of comfort for a new adventure. Continue to be graceful in your endeavors.

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