Thankful Thursday’s

I’m a big fan of counting your blessings.  It’s a great way to remind yourself of all the wonderful things in life that are going right even when things are going wrong.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m in a good place right now, but that’s no excuse to ignore the blessings in life.

Have you ever been sick and not known it?  Not like flu-ish sick but just generally run down, apathetic, etc.  Symptoms you can (and often do) write off to old age, stress, lack of sleep.  Then something changes and you suddenly realize HEY!  That’s NOT normal!  That’s how I feel about Mamavation and the ENTIRE Sistahood.

I was coasting through life with no energy.  I was tired and grumpy all the time.  I could barely get out of bed on the weekends and on the ones where the kids were with their dad, I often wouldn’t.  I’d pick up fast food somewhere because I didn’t want to cook because then I’d have to clean and it’s just easier to through the take out containers than to actually think about food.  Forget exercise… I don’t have energy to brush my hair there’s no way that I could do EXERCISE… all these women on twitter talking about their 5K training and half marathons… it just made me tired reading about it.

Then it changed… well, I changed…

It started off small – drink more water.  (well, ok, so that was HUGE for me…) I stopped picking up my “several times a day” coke/ coke zero and replaced it with water.

And you know what?  I felt different… better

Next – move.  – It didn’t have to be anything crazy like a marathon but movement.  And this was hard.  Really hard.  I work full time and go to school and I’m the QUEEN of the excuses (I don’t have time…I’m too tired… It’s painful… sound familiar?) but I decided that it’s now or never so I did it.  I walked. I wasn’t fast, and initially it wasn’t very long, but I walked. And did the same the next day, and the day after that and so on.  I’m now at the point where I am getting movement into my schedule 6 out of 7 days a week, and I can tell when I don’t get it in.

And you know what?  I FEEL AMAZING!

(sore muscles aside of course, but even that feels good in a different way)

My life has completely transformed and it’s all because of the Mamavation Sistahood .

Thank you for teaching me to listen to my body and trust myself.  Thank you for showing me that I’m not a victim.  Thank you for all of your support and encouragement because I know first hand that without it, I would have already given up.

Each and every one of you are amazing and beautiful women and my life is blessed because I’ve met you.



PS – If you didn’t know, I’m a finalist in the Mamavation Mom Campaign. If I inspire you, or you want to support my quest for a healthier life, Please take a minute to vote for me here. Let me know that you voted so that I can thank you personally!



  1. I just wanted to let you know that I voted for you. Your blog is wonderful to read, and it just makes me glad that you commented on mine that first time. I hope you win, best of luck to you!

  2. Love this post. This is exactly how I am going at it as well. One small step at a time. I am thankful for YOU! You are a great friend and an awesome supporter!

  3. i thought i had to join twitter to vote! i just voted for you, i hope you win!! 🙂

  4. Lisa @ljenator says

    It’s cool that you posted this today, because I was just thinking this morning.. I’m just not WITH it right now.

    I need to reboot my brain or something. I’m the kind of person that I can’t do ANYTHING until I absolutely put my mind to it. I did that once, and I lost almost 40 pounds. Then, things started getting hairy, and I got discouraged, because I was at a LULL for so long.

    Then, to add insult to injury, I gained 3 pounds this last week.. What a bummer.

    I have been using today as a transformation day, of sorts. I keep telling myself. Dude, you’ve got to change your mindset.

    SO that’s where I am today…… trying to get that fire back!

    Thanks for posting, love!

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