Thankful Thursday – Finding the silver lining

You know what I absolutely love? When a blog prompt so easily fits with my real life… especially since a few weeks back, when these prompts were selected, there was no possible way to predict the conversation I had last night with someone that utterly fit with today’s prompt.

I love when that happens.

Of course… I love a lot of things so there’s that…

But today’s Thankful Thursday is about finding the silver lining.

Now before we dive on in, You need to remember that I am absolutely NOT Susie Sunshine 24/7. I’m not always gonna be roses and butterflies and unicorns shooting rainbows out their ass. I’m gonna be bitchy and needy and moody. I’m real and real means that shit happens and I get frustrated and have my moments… just the price of admission to the amusement park people.

But… I strive to live a life of gratitude in all things. STRIVE… and I’m not perfect but you know what I’ve learned? When I stop to take a few moments to find the silver lining… even amongst the shit… my life is better.

Ladies… remember when you were pregnant (if you have kids). And everywhere you looked you saw OTHER pregnant women? Or when you buy a new car and suddenly the roads are full of the same car? We tend to see what we focus on, right? I mean that can’t just happen to me, can it?

Well, at least in my life, the same is absolutely true about “the good.” When I focus on gratitude, I see more to be grateful for. When I focus on the shit… yep, more shit.

So the point in my rambling is that being thankful isn’t about everything being awesome in your world. It’s about finding something meaningful and good in everything… a lesson or wonder or something.

I could bitch about having to wake up at 5am for the next two weeks… OR I could be grateful for extra days with my babies and glorious sunrises.

I could bitch about traffic… or be grateful I have a job to go to that provides for my family, and reliable transportation to get me there.

I could bitch about past heartbreaks and douchbaggery… or be grateful that I had the opportunity to learn what I don’t want so that when everything I’ve ever wanted steps in front of me I can recognize it and treasure it for the gift that it is.

I could bitch about my boys when they talk back… or be grateful that I’m raising young men who think for themselves. (and then remind them who they are talking to with the one eye brow raise that doesn’t even require me to utter a single word)

I could bitch about having to cook dinner, do laundry, clean the house… or be grateful that I have food and clothing and a roof over our heads. I can be grateful that I have the ability to show love through action to my family. I can be grateful in the knowledge that my babies needs are being met and no one is going to bed hungry.

I could bitch about staying up too late and lacking sleep today… or I could be grateful for the opportunity to connect with another person in a real and meaningful way.

Now here’s the thing… I probably will bitch about all of those things because HELLO – Not perfect. BUT!!! when you are done bitching and you take a moment to find the good, its easier to see more good all around.

Easier… not always easy.

So… What are you thankful for? What silver linings have you found today?


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  1. Perspective. You’re nailing it. (about as often as I do which is somewhere in between “missing the nail” and “being Bob Villa”)

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