Thankful Thursday

Some weeks it’s difficult to find things to be thankful for and I really have to look around…. That’s not the case lately and that would have to be the first thing I’m thankful for. Seeing how full my world is with things to evoke gratitude is not something I take for granted…

But in a lot of ways, I know others whose lives are much rougher… more painful… and yet, they still find their gratitude. So that begs the question… So is it all about attitude? Or do people who make the CHOICE to find gratitude more likely to live a life worth being grateful for?

That’s really another post for another day but something to ponder for sure…

But on with my list… or at least parts of it… to include it all would make this post far longer than you want to read I’m sure…

thankful thursday


both those who I am legally related to (well, most of them anyway) as well as my CHOSEN family. Those people you know you could call on to move a dead body a lot of wet carpet from a flooded house and they don’t ask questions… or can be counted on to call upon you to help them get through life’s stickiest of situations. Regardless of blood or legality or societal rules, those people are the ones I call family and they are part of what makes life worth living. Those people who are the rare few who see me without my mask… good, bad, ugly… crazy… they accept me for me and I am blessed every single day that they touch my life.


Those who are so very important to my sanity (yes, that’s a relative concept) and fill my world with laughter and joy… who lean on me when they struggle… those who brighten my life and make it far more colorful that it would be without them. These people leave a void when they are not around and that is a feeling I feel as strongly as I feel mercury in retrograde or the full moon rising.


my heart goes out to those who are struggling with health concerns… I’m feeling blessed that of all the things keeping me up at night, it’s not the health of myself or my family.


Oh sure, I bitch about work… some days more than others… but especially this time of year, I’m thankful I have a job that I do enjoy, that pays me enough to provide my family with comfort… and presents cause let’s be real here, with the Giant’s birthday and Christmas knocking on the door, presents matter.


It goes deeper though… I have enough to provide for my family, but unlike so many I’ve married known, I KNOW it is enough and don’t feel the constant burning desire to always look for more, better, different… I can appreciate having enough without the never-ending hole that I’m trying to fill.

Cold Days / Warm Hearts

This is ideal snuggle weather and I plan on carving out a little time for that with my kiddos this weekend… but beyond the physical cuddling, I’m thankful I can feel the warmth of the hearts of those who share my world even when we are far apart or too busy to share time.


Do I really need to explain this one? Yea…. I didn’t think so.


Knowing people trust you is an amazing feeling… knowing you can trust them is downright magical.


Being able to carve out 5 minutes for a phone call or 2-3 hours to share with another in person… and have people to share that time with fills my soul and recharges me in a way that most introverts won’t ever understand. I don’t need to be entertained by people, just sharing of time… space… energy. Being friends with so many introverts, I also know that the time they share is a bit of a sacrifice for them. The way that being with people (the right people I mean) recharges me, it equally depleats them so to give to me in such a meaningful way matters… and is appreciated.


Both those moments when I have patience for another and the times when another is patient with me. It’s not really my strong suit… just ask my kids… but I’m thankful for those moments I can show patience and receive it.


What is the point if we don’t have hope? Something to reach for… something to look for… something to strive for.

Busy Schedules

yep… sometimes they suck. But most of the time it allows me to experience new things… introducing the giant to just how crazy his mother is about football, seeing the boys interact with their friends when they think I’m not watching…. seeing them beam with pride when they out perform their own expectations…


Had a convo with a friend this week that really hit me right in the feels… because in what appeared to be an off handed comment, he validated something I was unsure of. Validation is something I’m always looking for because when left to my own devices, I will automatically assume the opposite… sometimes I just need the words and I am thankful when they are provided for me.


love for you… love for myself… love for my family… love for the rain… love for all the things that make my life MY LIFE. I haven’t always been susie sunshine and having walked through the valleys, I truly love the mountains.


What are you thankful for today?


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