Thankful Thursday

We’re about to hit November… That’s not news. November gives us the promise of cooler temperatures. The spirit of Thanksgiving. The hint that the Christmas holidays are right around the corner and a new year full of new beginnings and opportunities is not far off.

November also gives us NaNoWriMo… for those unfamiliar, that is National Novel Writing Month. I’m participating again this year. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally finish the novel that has been bouncing around in my head for the last few years. If not finish, I’ll at least be further along in it.

Also in the “not news” category is going to be the slew of people via the book of face and twitter and every other social media site that begin to show gratitude because they feel compelled with the month of thanksgiving. Whether doing so out of some sense of obligation or because you feel truly moved to express gratitude, I’m ever hopeful that many will join in on this practice.

Y’all know that I’ve been a firm believer for many years that we see what we focus on… When I first got my new car, all I saw were tiny silver cars everywhere. When I’m lost in the chaos of my own flavor of crazy, all I see around me is more crazy… When I focus on gratitude, guess what? I tend to find more things in my space to be grateful for…

And it’s not always easy…

It is however, always worth it.


So today, on Thankful Thursday, what am I thankful for?

I’m thankful for the relationship I have with my parents. Oh sure, they drive me bat shit some days but they are such amazing people… and my mom? She’s hilarious and gives me so many laughs… Like the time we were driving home from mini-me’s choir concert. We rode together because my folks HATE dealing with traffic. Now that they are retired, the no longer need to drive in the crazy. We’re driving home and this was the conversation:

Mom “what’s planet K?”
Me… Uh…
How does one explain planet K? for those who aren’t familiar, they sell, according to their website, “Central Texas’ best selection of hot sauce, imported and e-cigarettes, vaporizers, pipes, papers, posters, incense, erotica and everything else your parents warned you about.” Oh good. That’s a convo I want to have with my parents….
Then- “what’s rick’s caberet?”
Me- uh. A strip club.
Her- “oh. Ever been there?”

And she called me just this morning to share what’s going on in her world. Nevermind that I’m at work, let’s have a leisurely chat over coffee for the next 45 minutes mom…

My dad and I have a different but equally awesome relationship. Like when mom is upset because Clearly, the washing machine overflowing is my fault for doing a load of laundry AND letting my boys shower on the same day. How dare I? It’s in those moments when Dad and I share a knowing glance and a silent nod that speaks louder than any words ever could.

Or in the morning, when I’m getting ready for work and mom is still asleep and dad has taken advantage of the quiet to peruse the intergoogles without interruption. I know that this time is sacred so I leave him be until he sees something he just HAS to share with me. It’s an unspoken bond that we share and I feel blessed to share their world.

I’m thankful for time with my boys and the upcoming weekends we will enjoy together. It’s truly wonderful to be able to see them grow into human beings with personalities and humor and see them sparkle with excitement.

I’m thankful for friends I can spend time with – sharing movies or conversation, knowing that there are some I can send a last minute text of “I’m on my way over” and know that I’ll never be turned away. Others who we plan our adventures in advance and that gives me something to look forward to.

I’m thankful for this space where I can {sometimes incoherently} spew the steady stream of consciousness and ramble without direction.

And I’m thankful for each of you who remind me I’m never alone.


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