Thankful for…

I know there are those who feel like this whole idea of Gratitude is being overplayed… like “Look at how grateful I am for my amazing/simple life.”  That’s not going to stop me from feeling and expressing my gratitude for the things that I have.

When we stop appreciating what we have, what makes us think we will ever be grateful for what we may someday achieve?
Today I am thankful
So showing up on today’s gratitude list…

  1. Car rides with the Giant as a captive audience… those generate some of our best conversations
  2. Text marathons with friends that allow me to remain connected, even when I’m not physically in their presence.
  3. Calendar reminders so I don’t forget things as easily… except of course when I forget to put them IN said calendar.
  4. Those in my world who share my sense of humor… albeit a bit twisted…
  5. Comfy socks and boots that keep my feet warm.
  6. Opportunities to learn from others.
  7. Freedom to be myself – without a mask – and not having to make apologies for who I am.
  8. Friends who lift me up and support not only me but my family as we travel through life’s hiccups.
  9. Clarity in the midst of confusion.
  10. Forward movement on a situation that needs to reach resolution.
  11. Plans for the future.
  12. Comfort in the present.
  13. and coffee.  Always coffee.

How about you?  What are you grateful for today?

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