Teach Me – iPhone Tips and Tricks

I love learning new things and figuring out how stuff works.

I’m a “tinker-er” and love to just get in there and fix stuff… or learn how stuff works. I’m convinced that I’m the one person who ACTUALLY reads instruction manuals, owners manuals, etc.

Yep… I’m weird. and if you are just NOW figuring that out, you must be new here so let me point you to the upper right hand column where you can find out all the different ways you can stalk me – I mean learn more about me and follow along for the off-kilter randomness.

Back to the point.

I’ve recently run across some pretty amazing tips and tricks that were new to me and would perhaps be new to you as well. You could hunt and peck through my Pinterest Tips and Tricks board of course, but I figured… for the next few weeks at least… I’d highlight a few for you to save you time and energy. You’re Welcome ūüôā

Those who know me, know that I am A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D to my iPhone. Seriously need a 12-step program… I’m what you might call TOO connected… so when I came across a post of 40 “secret” iPhone Features… I KNEW it would be a great fit for this little post.


Some of these I already knew… For example – I already have the free Emoji app and anyone who has an iPhone and receives texts from me has seen the not-so occasional emoticon smiley pop up. ¬†For the emoticon lover, this is a gold-mine full of pages and pages of symbols. ¬†The downside, is that only people with an iPhone can see them, but hey – you can’t win them all.

I also was familiar with other features – how to Turn on Caps Lock and how to save images – as you can tell if you follow me on Facebook.

HOWEVER – TONS of the tips here were brand spankin new to me. ¬†For example…

Did you know that you can set your flash for alerts? ¬†Handy…

Did you know that you can see your calendar a week at a time? ¬†Also handy…

Did you know that you can take a picture using the ‘volume up’ button? ¬†HELLO… HANDY!

And there’s a ton more on the list.

So, IF you have an iPhone… even if you think you know EVERYTHING about it, I highly encourage you to review the list for yourself. ¬†You might just learn a thing or two that you didn’t already know!


40 “secret” iPhone Features



  1. wow! I love it. and very helpful tips because I’m a new user of iphone and I enjoy your tips!

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