Finding time

I can't believe that I've ignored you people for a month... a WHOLE MONTH! I'm sorry for that... I wish I could tell you I went on some fantastic vacation... or knocked a whole buncha stuff off my 50 in 50 list... or was kidnapped by pirates... well … [Read more...]

#mamavation Monday – 3/6/2011 – Emotional Rollar Coaster

Last week was most definitely full of it’s ups and downs… but overall, I think it was a pretty good week.  Thanks to my Mamavation Sistas for their continued support in all things crazy – you definitely helped me stay sane (well, relatively … [Read more...]

Got tips?

I could use some tips for if you have any to share: Easy and quick low-carb meals: I've been doing really well with Atkins and I've had tons of energy which is great.  The scale is also showing wonderful results so I'm going to stick with this.  I'm … [Read more...]