Counting your blessings

Yesterday was Halloween and I was surrounded by creative costumes and sugar induced hyperactivity.  Although I was without my own offspring, I was blessed to help wrangle three more of my favorite littles as I crashed the family outing of Food Good … [Read more...]

Another day to count my blessings….

Last night on Mamavation TV, one of my fellow Sistas indicated a rough night with her husband and painful words spoken.  A flood of emotions came rushing back to me as I tried to contain the pain I felt for her.  I thought I had gotten over the pain I … [Read more...]

Mamavation Monday

Happy Monday! So, life has been hectic, crazy, busy, and all around insane - but isn't that just part of life? The trick is finding a way to balance all of the commitments we have while keeping our own selves a priority.  Easier said than done in many … [Read more...]