Simple Things

You may have detected that the last few weeks were full of things that are not simple... Dealing with changes to the household... changes to schedules... untraining 10 years of bad habits and retraining good ones. I hold my Giant to ridiculously … [Read more...]

Thankful for…

I know there are those who feel like this whole idea of Gratitude is being overplayed... like "Look at how grateful I am for my amazing/simple life."  That's not going to stop me from feeling and expressing my gratitude for the things that I have. When … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday

Some weeks it's difficult to find things to be thankful for and I really have to look around.... That's not the case lately and that would have to be the first thing I'm thankful for. Seeing how full my world is with things to evoke gratitude is not … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday – The little things

After a whirlwind of summer activity, it feels really good to get back into the Thankful Thursdays I share with Traci and Helen. I can feel a difference in my world and in my interactions with those around me when I lose sight of gratitude.  As always, … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday- Blessings Abound

Funny thing about "Thankful Thursday"... When I first proposed the idea to my village, one of those nearest and dearest was reluctant to join fearing that she wouldn't have enough to be thankful for. My thought on that is that you can always find … [Read more...]