Strength is a funny thing... you think you are all out... and then something happens where the only choice is to be strong. At least for a while. And so you do... you just keep swimming... some days it feels like you are treading water and others you are … [Read more...]

Healthier Me – Worth It.

There's a saying/belief/feeling out there that some people hold on to... it's the idea that people need to already BE fit to go to the gym.... It's not so much that OTHER people think this as the demons in our mind tell us this is true. ¬†Funny thing is … [Read more...]

Join Me in the Pound For Pound Challenge

I was watching the Biggest Loser Finale the other night . Anyone else? Were you as impressed and inspired as I was at what these fearless contestants were able to accomplish in just 7 short months? I know that I still have another 80 lbs to lose (give or … [Read more...]