Beginnings are exciting

I shared a week and a half ago that changes were afoot... Both professionally with my new career and personally with Medifast.  Both are exciting and invigorating but it's the personal changes I want to share with you today.  So far with … [Read more...]

Fantastic Friday Finds – Sportline Products Review & Giveaway

And the Winner is: Congrats Ellen! The path to better health and fitness is one that many of us are travelling.  Along the way, we all need a little help... I mean we ALL do, right?  It's not just me? Good. For me, starting out as a self-proclaimed … [Read more...]

Cube Dog iPhone/iPod Touch App Review

Thank you to Cube Dog for sponsoring this review. For more information about Cube Dog please visit the Facebook page or download it on iTunes. So, if you have an iPhone... and you have kids... then very often you have no iPhone as your kids … [Read more...]

To snack or not to snack….

When I began my weight loss journey I was given a PLETHORA of advice about how to eat - Eat 9 meals a day... Eat 3 meals a day... Snack... Don't snack... It can all get very confusing! I've discovered along the way that it is up to each and every … [Read more...]

How do YOU teach financial responsibility to your kids?

One of the roles we mothers play is that of teacher… We teach our kids simple things like tying their shoes, feeding themselves and how to read. We teach our kids harder life lessons like how to deal with mean people, how to have self-respect and … [Read more...]