The photo shoot that almost wasn’t

I hinted at the photo shoot that almost wasn't yesterday and I feel compelled to share more about the start to the day.  Mostly so you can laugh at me.  Also, I know that these are all FWP and in light of Frankenstorm, really are NOT … [Read more...]

Fear is a funny thing…

I'm a firm believer that Fear is what holds us back from reaching out truest potential... stops us from taking risks... prevents us from trying new ways of doing things. Sometimes fear is good of course... but more often than not, it can go to an … [Read more...]

Mountains and roots

A funny thing happened... Well, it's not that funny... 2 weeks ago, about halfway through mommy-palooza, I discovered that using the washing machine also created an indoor wading pool... Flowing from a utility room to the den which, well, is less than … [Read more...]

My kids will never know

A long, long time ago in a galazy far, far away... not really but at least 5 months ago, I read a post over at Just Joanna about things our kids will never know... and THEN, My dear friend Andrea posted the same type of article about growing up in the … [Read more...]

First world problems

The other day, I was minding my own business when a friend of mine, Tina - over at Mad Hatter Mom - posted her inner dialog when running.  It was a great and OH SO Relateable post... at least for me... somewhere around 3/4 of a mile, I see this: I … [Read more...]