Avengers: Age of Ultron – {Review}

I should probably start off with a disclaimer... When I went to see the newest installment in the Marvel Universe, I was preoccupied. And that is putting it mildly. After dealing with some pretty intense crap in life, I was in need of an escape from … [Read more...]

Big Hero 6 – A Slightly off Kilter Review

Have you figured out that I'm a fan of movies?  Cause I am... especially those that leave you with a warm fuzzy... Disney movies usually fit the bill here with the exception of Maleficent but don't get me started back on that one. I also like when I know … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday – Awesomeness and Comfort zones

This has been another busy week in my world.  Every night this week has been something occupying my attention and I feel blessed first and foremost to have so many in my world that make it awesome.  This week's list is slightly less vague because I'm … [Read more...]